About us
About Flavours of Kerala

We had a humble beginning in 2005 to process the traditional snacks of South India and market them across globe. Our slogan "Taste the Tradition" emphasizes our approach of providing our customers, great tasting, nutrionally superior and healthier food products that were traditionally a part of our life. "We also have a wide range of Indian & Sri Lankan Frozen food under our umbrella which includes Heat and Eat traditional food, Vegetable and Indian sweets

Quality & Assurance

All our snacks are carefully hand crafted, prepared in small batches and finally kettle cooked to perfection. As part of our SAFE-to-EAT policy, the entire process is done hygienically according to HACCP guidelines and we use superior packing materials to avoid all types of preservatives.
The ingredients we use in our products are flavourful, natural, nutritious, and made of only the highest quality. Our aim is to delight your palate, while at the same time ensuring that what is enjoyed is wholesome and good for you. Every ingredient we use is carefuly selected and checked for quality and freshness. We make sure the natural flavor is not lost at any point.

Our Strength

Our strength is the entrepreneur team with expertise and experience in Hospitality, Food production, and Retail Sectors We have a fair share in domestic market through major retail chains and distributors. Our products are currently being exported to Canada, US, Australia & European markets through our own brands and private labels.

Our Brands

Great tasting snacks, that are traditionally a part of our life, produced using locally sourced ingredients, reflecting the authentic taste, tradition and freshness of South Indian kitchens.
Magic Bites range of snacks comes packed in metallized poly pouches to retain freshness till it reaches you.

Authentic South Indian snacks for the GO. As the name suggests, ‘Good for the GO’ products, conveniently packed in paper canisters which is an eco-friendly alternative too.
Also available is a complete range of snacks in mini packets for in room mini bar of hotels.

Authentic, ethnic products for the day to day use. The Daily range has varieties of rice, pulses and other grocery products to choose from.

Ethnic snacks specially for the Keralites, perfectly crafted to give you a taste of home. Travancore Kitchen snacks are packed in reusable transparent PET jars so that you can see and then enjoy the taste of Travancore.

Culinary additives to aid a perfect ethnic meal. Rasa range promises to give you the real flavour of traditional cooking. Coconut oil, Virgin coconut oil, Pappads, Tamarind and many more are available.

The king of fruits, Mango bottled for you with the wholesome goodness. Frutto range also has a variety of fruit drinks, fruit bars and dry fruits.

Manufacturers & Exporters

of Traditional South Indian Snacks

An ISO 22000 - HACCP Certified Company